Career and Technical Education / PE

The CTE Programs at Coral Reef Senior High School, prepares our students for occupations and careers in the following areas:

CTE students are engaged in rigorous and relevant coursework that prepares them to be college and career ready by providing core academic skills, employability skills and technical, job-specific skills.  Our students are assessed by an independent third-party certifying agency using predetermined standards for knowledge, skills, and competencies, resulting in the award of a credential that is nationally recognized as well as linked to an emerging occupation, included in Florida’s workforce system’s targeted occupation list or within an industry that addresses a critical local or statewide economic need.

Physical Education Electives
The PE Department currently offers the following elective courses: Personal and Team Sports, , Basketball/Individual and Dual Sports, Beginning and Intermediate Weight Training.

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Ms. Michelle Bolt
Department Head
305-232-2044 ext 2232

CTE and PE Department Team

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