Freshman Information

Freshmen Class Sponsor – Ms. Corrales

Upcoming Events and Important Dates

  • Freshmen Orientation – August 10th
  • Picture Day – August 22nd & 23rd
  • Fall Sports Pep Rally – September 7th.  Black out the tank with your favorite CUDA spiritwear.
  • Club Day – September 8th
  • Homecoming Week  – October 9th – 13th
  • Freshmen Class Trip TBA
  • Freshmen and Sophomore Spring Fling Dance March 15th

For all Coral Reef activities and events, check out the school calendar on the website.

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Clubs and Campus Life

Get involved in campus life at the Reef. Participation in our student activities gives the student an opportunity to learn and grow as a person. One of our goals is to help our students mature into well-rounded young men and women. Our hope is to provide a positive experience for all participants. It is a collaborative effort in support of our students drive for success. Our student activity programs work hand in hand with our curriculum to teach values and lifelong skills. We want to develop the whole person and through our activity programs, coaches and moderators find ways to promote this development.

Clubs and Campus Life page

Community Service

Community service projects are well-planned, organized, and voluntary efforts designed to address a specific need in the community. Well-conceived projects provide students with the opportunity to plan and implement a project to which they feel personally committed.
To be meaningful, community service projects must address a real need or problem found within the school or community. Students must be given the opportunity to select a community service project that reflects both the needs of the community and their personal interests and skills. In addition, quality community service projects require an on-going commitment on the part of students. Hastily planned, short-term projects do little to foster the purpose of community service – to provide service to the community and personal growth opportunities for students.

Click HERE for requirements and criteria  

Student Government Class of 2027

Freshmen Class Sponsor – Ms. Corrales
President: Riley Bukens
Vice President: Isabel Diaz
Secretary: Natalie Alvarez
Treasurer: Lucas Quijano
Historian: Olivia Amigo
Freshmen Class Rep: Chloe Dombre

CAP Corner

College Assistance Program

Its never too early to prepare for college.

Dr. Yvette Perez
CAP/College Advisor
305-232-2044 ext 2151

Important News

  • Freshmen Class Shirts on Sale through OSP $20 from September 5th – 15th

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