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Medical education is education related to the practice of being a medical practitioner; either the initial training to become a physician.

Classes and projects that spark student interest and provide a rationale for why the content is worth learning, enable students to make connections between what they learn in school, their lives, and their futures.

The Health Science Academy provides students the opportunity to pursue their dreams of a career in the health care field by offering a rigorous and relevant curriculum. The three major themes in the curriculum are: nursing assistant, allied medical assisting and first responder (emergency medicine). Students may also enroll in college dual enrollment courses and take a substantial number of advanced placement courses for potential college credit.

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We use an interactive approach to learning that gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the challenging complexities of the medical profession

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The Health Science Academy encourages students to explore various areas of study and career paths within health care.

Lead Teacher

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Ms. Melissa Sanchez-Escobar
Ext. 2124

Office Hours
B days: 7:20 a.m.- 3:00 p.m.


Ms. Yvonne Sotolongo
305-232-2044 ext 2263

Office Hours
A-Days: 7:20am – 2:20pm
B-Days: 7:20am – 2:20pm

  • HOSA
    • HOSA (HOSA) is a national career and technical student organization endorsed by the U.S.

      Department of Education. HOSA’s two-fold mission is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. HOSA provides a unique program of leadership development, motivation, and recognition and is a powerful instructional tool that works best when it is integrated into the HSE curriculum and classroom. HOSA lets members test their personal and leadership skills in real life and the members have the opportunity to participate and/or compete in area, state and national leadership conferences. Motivated students polish their skills and receive a sense of self accomplishment as well as recognition.

      Coral Reef has a long tradition of preparing students to become state and national officers and has had the most state presidents of any high school in Florida. In addition, Coral Reef has had three alumni become national officers with one serving currently.

      Coral Reef students work diligently to win in their selective competitive event at the regional, state and national level. With over 55 different competitive events, a student may easily find one that matches their interests and gifts. One hundred twenty students won at the regional level and advanced to the state competition
  • Scrub Squad
    • Scrub Squad is the student governing body for the Medical Academy which creating learning, community service and fellowship opportunities for the students. The student leaders actively solicit ideas from all the students and plan and implement these ideas. This year, Scrub Squad is planning an academy picnic and trip, community events, Blood Drives, Community service opportunities as well as helping with HOSA events. In addition, the students are implementing a community service project to send items for groups in need, involvement in Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer event, and other opportunities for the students to get involved in school and to volunteer in our community.  Scrub Squad officers also mentor and encourage the students to succeed in their HOSA competitions.