College Athletic Criteria

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How to Start

Step 1: Go to the NCAA website to find out which colleges have your sport.

Step 2: Research each college by going to their website. Look for things like.

  • The name of the coach, their e-mail and phone #.
  • How many seniors are graduating? This will help determine how eager the coach is to recruit new players.
  • Where are their players recruited from? Does the coach like to recruit local players only, or is he/she open to consider players from Florida. Florida is known to be a strong recruiting state for certain sports. You being from Florida may be an advantage in many states.
  • If the players have bios, read them to see if you can match their talent. It is important that you have a profile that is equal to, or better than the players currently playing for a particular college. Player bios will help you determine how competitive you are compared to the rest of the team.
  • Look at the other colleges they play. A college’s team schedule may give you ideas for other colleges that may be interested in recruiting you.
  • Do they have a winning, or loosing record? As strange as it may sound, a team with a loosing record may be quite eager to recruit a student from Florida. Your contribution to a team with a loosing record may be the best way to get into a college with a very good academic reputation.

Step 3: Communicate with the coach. 

Many colleges have recruiting questionnaires that are easy to fill out. It is a great way to make first contact in search of a scholarship. Fill these out and get the ball rolling. Many college coaches use the summer not only to plan out the coming season, but to also begin looking at potential recruits for the following year. If there is no recruiting questionnaire, then consider e-mailing the coach with an attached resume of your abilities and accomplishments. Ask the coach what you need to do to be considered for an athletic scholarship and offer to send him/her a game tape, or a video tape showing your playing skills.  Now is the time to find colleges that are interested in your athletic abilities. Read up on NCAA guidelines regarding coach contacts and visits. It is better to first find colleges that are interested in you and then apply to them in the Fall when you have a better idea of your potential to get an athletic scholarship. Do not wait until the end of your senior year to start looking – it’s way too late by then!

Step 4: Register with the NCAA Clearing House

Core Course GPA

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