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College Assistance Program

Welcome to Dr. Perez’s  CAP (College Assistance Program) Page.  The College Assistance Program is a unique postsecondary advisory program unique to Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The specialized focus of the program enables CAP advisors, such as Dr Perez to serve students more effectively because of their specific expertise in this field. It is one the few college-help services in schools nationwide that initiates contact with the students and works with them throughout their post-secondary journey, from exploration to research to testing to admissions and ultimately financial aid and scholarships.  

Dr. Yvette Perez
CAP/College Advisor
305-232-2044 ext 2151


Planning Guides for Parents:

Planning Guides for Students:

College & Post-Secondary Events

Coral Reef’s Annual College Fair:
October 3, 2023
6:00-7:30 pm

Post- Secondary Resources

Florida Student Scholarship & Grant Programs 


Scholarship Information



SCOIR is an online college planning platform to expand college access and improve collegiate outcomes for students. SCOIR’s comprehensive tool allows students to complete college searches and virtual tours as well as complete portions of the application process.  

MDCPS launched SCOIR in all high schools in the Spring of 2020. All high school students have access to SCOIR’s career and college planning tools. Additionally, this platform allows school counselors and college advisors to communicate with colleges, parents, and students, submit electronic transcripts & waivers, and collect vital college access data.  

Testing Information

Visit our Testing Information page for more information.

SAT TESTING (2023-2024 Dates)

Register at:   

AUG.   26, 2023  PAPER  7/28/23  8/15/23  
OCT.   7, 2023  PAPER  9/7/23  9/26/23  
NOV.   4, 2023  PAPER  10/5/23  10/24/23  
DEC.   2, 2023  PAPER  11/2/23  11/21/23  
MARCH   9, 2024  DIGITAL**  2/23/24  TBA  
MAY   4, 2024  DIGITAL**  4/19/24  TBA  
JUNE   1, 2024  DIGITAL**  5/17/24  TBA  
**   Students taking the digital SAT who need to borrow a device from College Board will   need to register and request the device earlier than the registration   deadline – at least 30 days before   test day.   

ACT TESTING (2023-2024 Dates)  

Register at: 

SEPT.   9, 2023  8/4/23  8/18/23  9/1/23  
OCT.   28, 2023  9/22/23  10/6/23  10/20/23  
DEC.   9, 2023  11/3/23  11/17/23  12/1/23  
FEB.   10, 2024  1/5/24  1/19/24  2/2/24  
APRIL   13, 2024  3/8/24  3/22/24  4/5/24  
JUNE   8, 2024  5/3/24  5/17/24  5/31/24  
JULY   13, 2024  6/7/24  6/21/24  7/5/24