Student Government/Class Officers

SGA FRESHMAN Application

Student Government Association (SGA) positions are available for students at Coral Reef High.  If you are interested in becoming a candidate for a Freshmen class officer position, please fill out the following application and submit by Thursday, September 8th.

Only students who receive this link will be allowed to run, do not forward the link to other students.

Applications must be received by the deadline, or the applicant will not be allowed to run for a position.

Please Note: We will ask your lead teacher and counselor for a recommendation on your behalf.  Grades, attendance and class effort is taken into consideration 

You may only apply for one position.  You cannot switch your position once your application has been submitted.

You cannot begin to campaign until you have been approved to run for SGA.

Positions open for the 2022-2023 school year:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Historian
  • Secretary

Good Luck 

Click on Link to apply:

Class of 2023

Visit our Senior Information page for important Class of 2023 announcements.

Sponsor: Mrs. Rebecca Santalo

Student Government Association 

Student Government Association Sponsor – Mrs. Santalo
 Jackie Perez
Vice President: Christina Hernandez
Secretary: Valerie Angulo
Treasurer: Juliana Castillo
Historian: Amanda Clegg
Project Manager: Selah Williams
Event Coordinator: Alyssa Quintanilla
Academy Liaison: Kelli Ferguson
Marketing and Public Relations: Anthony Zingaro

Senior Class Officers

Senior Class Sponsor – Mrs. Santalo
 Jordan Cancel
Vice President: Nico Lavaud
Secretary: Samantha Gaete
Treasurer: Beyonce Francisco and Mathew Lopera
Historian: Isabella Pino
Executive Advisor: Meghan Perez
Senior Class Event Coordinator: Chloe Berrouet

Class of 2024

Sponsor: Ms. Ashley Latham

Junior Class Officers

Junior Class Sponsor – Ms. Latham
 IK Osaghae
Vice President: Sophia Bacallao
Secretary: Alyssa Mederos
Treasurer: Katelyn Pena
Historian: Alliyah Carlos
Jr. SGA Liaison: Mia Yanez

Class of 2025

Sponsor: Ms. Yliuska Mayor

Sophomore Class Officers

Sophomore Class Sponsor- Ms. Mayor
 Martina Jaramillo
Vice President: Stephanie Michel
Secretary: Veronica Martinez
Treasurer: Sydney Walker
Historian: Daneris Jimenez

Class of 2026

Sponsor: Ms. Maria Corrales

Freshmen Class Officers

Freshmen Class Sponsor – Ms. Corrales
President: Noah Correa
Vice President: Belize Battillo
Secretary: Emily Ron
Treasurer: Sofia Galindo
Historian: Chloe Escobar