Varsity Cudettes

Sponsor: Mrs Santalo


Captain: Brianna Roca
Co-Captain: Beatrice Catanzaro
Officer: Jayset Ulloa
Officer: Sofia Sohr
Officer: Jeona Pinnock

Mission Statement: While it is the main objective of the team to promote school spirit and awareness, we also have the responsibility to provide entertainment at sporting events such as football games, basketball games, pep rallies and any other events the school may call upon us for. We bleed teal, silver and black.

Additionally, it is our goal to have a number one nationally recognized dance team with high academics that demonstrate leadership qualities and continue to promote social skills throughout the student body. Varsity Cudettes have over 15 national titles from the past 20 years. The Cudettes practice an average of 12 hours a week to continue the legacy of the teams championship titles.

Social Media Handle: @varsitycudettes

dance team
dance team
National Champions