Subject Selection

Counselors meet with students individually beginning in February. Students receive a subject selection sheet through their Language Arts Class. The sheet is reviewed by the students’ teachers, parent/guardian, and counselor.

Final course selection is based upon teacher recommendations, assessment data, grades, and parent/guardian/student input. The ultimate goal is for every student to be placed in courses which will allow them to maximize their academic potential.

Incoming 9th graders will be emailed their subject selections sheet once they receive their acceptance letters.

Please click the links below to view Grade Level Subject Selection Sheets.

9 Career Academy
9 Career Non Academy
9 IB Academy
9 IB Non Academy
9 VPA Academy
9 VPA Non Academy
10 – 12 Subject Selection
10 – 12 Non Academy Electives
10 – 12 IB Non Academy Electives
IB 10 Subject Selection
IB 11 Subject Selection
IB 11 Electives
IB 12 Subject Selection