Sexual Health Awareness Club (SHAC)

Sponsor: Ms  Barreda


Nicole Moll
Katelyn Henry
Ishany Martinez
Carson Middlesworth
John Dotson
Mia Pehlivanlar

Mission Statement: While we do recognize that Coral Reef currently incorporates hip, a program that covers similar topics that we would like to address to the freshman through their social studies class, our mission is to go beyond hip. We represent the opportunity for anyone, not just freshmen, to provide input and bring topics to surface regarding sexuality and sexual health that HIP might not. The people who are the most sexually active or susceptible to consequences regarding sex in our school are most likely not freshman and may have forgotten information that was read to them by HIP members in the few sessions that hip covers consensual and safe ways to approach sex our mission is to start the conversation. And by starting the start a conversation and we want to create a year-round source of information to address concerns to a blend of factual knowledge and peer-oriented relatability.

Social Media Handle: Instagram- @cudashac

students on bleachers