Senior Graduation Information

Graduation Rehearsal

May 31st 
– Graduation Rehearsal with AP’s, Chorus, Band and Orchestra Students, Student Government and Senior Class Officers, Stage speakers, Academy Flag Bearers, Lead Teachers and counselors  

June 1st 
– VPA Academy Graduation Rehearsal  8-9:30 am  
– Legal Academy Graduation Rehearsal 10-11:30am 
– IB Academy Graduation Rehearsal  12:45pm – 2:20 pm  

June 2nd 
– Business Academy Graduation Rehearsal  8-9:30 am 
– Ag/Eng Academy Graduation Rehearsal 10-11:30am
– Medical Academy Graduation Rehearsal  12:45pm – 2:20 pm  

June 3rd 
– Final Graduation Stage Rehearsal 8:00 am – 9:30 am  
– Final Senior Class Rehearsal 10:00 am – 11:30 am                     
– 11:30 am all seniors have lunch together in the courtyard

Cap and Gown Distribution

Cap and Gown, Academy Sash, Tassel, Coral Reef Medal and tickets will be distributed through your Academy by your lead teacher.  Distribution will be during the week of May 31st


Each senior will receive 5 tickets for graduation. Those seniors who participated in the senior fundraiser will receive their extra ticket. There are no other extra tickets available.


Monday, May 23rd 8:00 am – 10-am
Mandatory Meeting for all seniors in the auditorium

Diploma pickup and gown return 

Graduation gowns will be returned immediately after the graduation ceremony. 

Diploma distribution – TBA

Important Information