Senior Graduation Information

Coral Reef Graduation

WHEN: Tuesday, June 1, 2021 @ 2:00pm 
WHERE: Miami Fair & Expo Venue #1

Miami Fair & Expo Venue #1 Map

Please take all of 3 minutes to complete the DISTRICT’s SENIOR EXIT SURVEY.  Data from this survey will be used to provide information on MDCPS’s seniors’ post-secondary plans.

Students can access the survey through their Student Portal and can also access the Senior Exit Survey link here.

We are a week away from Graduation!  We have some more detailed information and reminders regarding graduation. Please read through carefully to ensure a flawless ceremony for all our graduating seniors.

Graduation Rehearsal

On Friday. May 21st, we held our graduation rehearsal with the seniors who were in school (PHY).  Link for that rehearsal recording is below.

Cap and Gown Distribution for MSO Students

Monday, May 24th : Medical, VPA and Legal Academy Seniors from 3pm – 5pm

Tuesday, May 25th: IB, Business and Ag/Eng Academy Seniors from 3pm-5pm

  • Students will enter the student parking lot on 152nd Street and 99 Ct.
  • Coral Reef staff members will check if you are CLEARED or on the OBLIGATION List
  • If cleared, you will drive-thru to the front of the school and directed to stop at your Academy tent to collect your Cap and Gown bag.
  • If not cleared, you will be asked to park and go inside.
  • Once inside, a staff member will be seated at the breezeway to direct you to either see Ms. Bowles for fees or books, Mr. Mejia to return the device, or your counselor for community service or credit hold.
  • Once you are cleared, you will see Mr. Mejia in Allyson’s Gallery to receive a clearance form for your cap and gown.
  • If you did not purchase your cap and gown, you will need an authorization form from Ms. Gayton to take to Herff Jones.  Ms. Gayton will email the form as students are cleared.

The Graduation Contract: Please read carefully, both the senior and parent must sign the form and return it at the cap and gown distribution.  If you do not have the form signed you cannot receive your cap and gown.  Again…….YOU ARE TO BOTH SIGN AND RETURN THE CONTRACT TO RECEIVE YOUR CAP AND GOWN

Herff Jones information
7640 NW 25th St STE 107, Miami, FL 33122
(305) 436-1163

Important Information

Graduation Day Procedures: Please review procedures to prepare for graduation day.  

Cap & Gown:   

  • As soon as you get the cap & gown, try it on at home.  Make sure it fits and that the zipper works.   
  • Hang up the gown to smooth out any wrinkles. 
  • Your gown should be wrinkle free.  Do NOT iron the gown. (use a steamer as recommended). 
  • You can use bobby pins to keep cap in place
  • Tassel goes on the right side

Dress Code (underneath the gown): For Seniors!     

    • Dress Pants (solid color) 
    • White or light-colored dress shirt (must have a collar) 
    • Tie 
    • Dress Shoes with socks 
    • NO jeans, shorts, sneakers, sandals, or any other garment considered to be casual 
    • Dress, Dress pants or Skirt and Blouse (light colored recommended) 
    • Dress shoes or sandals. It is a long day.  Wear comfortable shoes (NO jeans, shorts, sneakers, flip flops or any other garment considered casual)

**Do not bring any extra articles such as phones, airpods, purses, wallet, camera, etc.

Arriving to the Venue 

  • Attached is a map for the Graduation Venue.  Enter through Coral Way & 112 street Entrance.  Please make sure to enter through the correct location (Venue #1) or you will end up in the wrong graduation.  Reminder that parking is limited.  Security will check that the number of people in each car match the number of tickets on hand – minus the graduate.  If there are more people in the car than the number of tickets, you will be sent away. Miami Fair & Expo Venue #1 Map
  • Come prepared if it rains. Umbrella, appropriate shoes, etc.
  • The venue is 164 ft wide and 722 ft long.  (this is longer than two football fields) 
  • Seniors are to head to the Student Holding Tent and check in.  Parents must go directly to the venue entrance. Miami Fair & Expo Venue #1 Map
  • Seniors must arrive and check in at 12:30 pm. Doors for guests will open at 1:00 pm to enter the facility.
  • Seating is 1st come 1st served basis. Guests of graduates must sit together in their pods of two seats.
  • Large Screens will be placed throughout the venue
  • Seniors are to bring a disposable mask with them.  A Coral Reef graduation mask will be provided at check in.  Guests must have their own mask.  Masks are to be worn during the entire ceremony.

**Anyone who is late or out of dress code will not participate in the ceremony!


  • Guest doors will open at 1:00 pm and close at 1:45pm.  Guests must be seated 15 minutes before the ceremony begins.  No one will be allowed in until after the procession is over and National Anthem has been sung.
  • All tickets have a numbered barcode. They can only be scanned once.
  • Guests will be seated in pods of 2.
  • Guests must remain seated and wear their masks at all times.
  • No food or drinks will be allowed in the venue
  • Please be respectful to the graduates and guests.  Please remain seated until the last graduate is called and walks the stage.
  • The following items are not permitted: Air horns, strollers, balloons, banners, noise makers and large cameras/tripods.
  • All electronic devices must be places on silent/vibrate.

Conclusion of the Ceremony

  • At the end of the ceremony, please vacate the premises immediately.  We ask that families do not congregate at the venue.
  • Graduates will be directed to meet their families at their car.

Other important Information

  • The Graduation Ceremony will be livestreamed. Click on the link below the day of Coral Reef Graduation.!/fullWidth/4355
  • Every guest must have a ticket to enter the venue, this includes small children
  • Graduates will not be allowed to take off their mask for pictures during the ceremony
  • Do not alter your cap or gown in anyway.  Caps cannot be decorated.  If a senior has a decorated cap, they will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony.

Below is a link for a ticket information google form. Seniors have been asked to fill this out to register your graduation tickets for entry.  This form can only be accessed by seniors through their email.


For parents who still have questions about Graduation, we will be having a brief informational meeting and Q & A session on Wednesday, May 26th at 6:00pm.

Parent Graduation Meeting – Legal, Medical & VPA
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 850 5331 8060
Passcode: 933578

Parent Graduation Meeting – Agriscience& Engineering, Business, & IB
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 868 6773 0196
Passcode: 714255

Diploma pickup and gown return 

Seniors will not receive their actual diploma at graduation.  Diploma Distribution will be at Coral Reef.  Seniors, you will return your graduation gown in exchange for your diploma.  Students who do not bring back their gown will not receive their diploma.

June 3rd 8:00 am – 10:30 am VPA, Medical and Legal Academy Seniors 
June 4th 8:00 am – 10:30 am IB, Business and Ag/Eng Academy Seniors 

We will be having a Senior Meeting with you and your parents,  in the next few weeks.  We will be going over all the final details for graduation. A letter will be sent after the meeting for you and your parents to sign, acknowledging you understand and will adhere to all the guidelines for the graduation ceremony.

Seniors, please keep in mind that all this is subject to change as we continue to receive updates from the district.  Check your email and the school website daily for information on our graduation. 

We’ve missed seeing you all on campus and we look forward to sitting together one last time at the Graduation Ceremony.  Thank you and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me. 

Rebecca Santalo 

power point slide

2021 Graduation Live Stream

In anticipation of graduation ceremonies next week for the Class of 2021, please see information below on how to access your school’s stream:

  1. Visit
  2. Click more information on the Graduation Banner (if you do not see it, click either arrow at the left or right of the banner until you see the Class of 2021 banner)
  3. This will take you to the landing page
  4. To watch your schools graduation stream, do the following:
    1. Click the Watch Live link
    2. Scroll down and select your school at the appropriate time
  5. Class of 2021 Graduation Archive
    1. Graduation ceremony videos will be archived a few hours after it concludes
    2. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to replay the videos from here or download them for future viewing

Please share this information with your various stakeholders so that all may participate and share in this event with their graduate.

NOTE:  Closed captioned will be provided for the streaming of each graduation ceremony.