Sponsor: Mr. Gornail


Nicolle Pino
Vanessa Junco
Jennifer Acevedo
Ahsan Hoq
Kenzo Salazar
Leah Hernandez

Mission Statement: SECME’s goal is to teach students skills that can be applied throughout life. Our club’s projects help students develop problem-solving skills that can be used in many future endeavors. The rules and regulations given by the different competitions hosted by SECME allow students to learn how to abide by guidelines, preparing them for future assignments and jobs. The deadline set by the organization as well as us as a club, teaches and allows students to establish efficient time management skills. All the skills not only make us well-rounded students and competitors, but also hard workers. The overall goal is to help students achieve the skills that are necessary in school and be leaders in the workforce, and in a fun engaging way.

Social Media Handle:
Remind @crsecme22
Instagram- @reefsecme
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students on bleachers