Salsa Club

Sponsor: Ms Trozz


Gleidys Rodriguez
Giselle Hernandez
Camila Clavelo
Jesica Lopez
Calude-Eri Andre

Mission Statement: Our main goal is to teach students the art of Latin dance, so they can form a connection between having fun and dancing. Not only do we have an emphasis, and we represent the land culture, but we also aspire to spread the love of salsa to others. We teach students the most basic steps first and then move onto the more intricate steps. After all the technical footwork has been covered, we move onto the stylistic aspect that dance requires. As soon as the students feel comfortable with both those things, we will be getting prepared for competition at this point in the year we will begin to explore other styles of line dance such as bachata, merengue, cumbia, etc. and teach the students the basics of those dances as well. Ultimately, we want the students to have fun incorporating the art that is salsa.

Social Media Handle: Instagram- @reefsalsaclub

students on bleachers