Rising Academy

The Rising Academy is a Specialized Individualized Program for students with Autism who are on the Standard Curriculum.   The academy is staffed by teachers who are certified in the content area (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) in addition to specializing in Autism. Classroom paraprofessionals also have experience with students with autism and have demonstrated the highest regard for helping students reach their individual goals.

Visual information regarding routines, expectations and procedures are provided throughout all aspects of a student’s school experience. Our “sensory smart” classroom provides students with opportunities for heavy work, movement, and other calming or alerting sensory activities to improve their ability to attend and focus during school-related tasks.
Student courses will include:

  1. Language Arts
  2. Reading
  3. Math
  4. Science
  5. World History
  6. Electives with their non-disabled peers.

Students will also receive instruction in that area of social skills while receiving on-going support from a:

  • Behavior Management Teacher
  • Clinician
  • Speech & Language Pathologist (per IEP)
  • Occupational Therapy (per IEP)
  • Art Therapy (per IEP).