Need a Device?

This school year, the process to check out a laptop device has been made much easier to complete entirely online or through your Dadeschools Mobile App. 

Please follow the three easy steps listed below to have your child receive a school issued laptop device for this school year.   

Step One – Purchase Laptop Insurance

In order to safeguard your device, we encourage that you purchase insurance for your device.  Don’t worry, you can purchase the plan now and once you have your device checked out to you, you can return to the portal to input the Serial Number and Model Number to finalize your insurance plan. The cost of the insurance plan is often 18 times less the price of a total replacement.  It’s a wise investment! For only $27.00.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools Device Insurance (

When it asks you to select Model – Please select Dell, Lenovo, HP Laptops (All Models)  We exclusively only have and issue HP Laptops this school year.

Step Two – Parent Must Sign Out A Laptop For Their Student

Parents will need to sign the Mobile Device Agreement form.  You can do this simply by clicking below and providing the Student ID and Parent Email/Phone OR by clicking on the Mobile Device Agreement icon in the M-DCPS Mobile App.  Once signed, the school can immediately check out the device to your student.

Mobile Device Agreement for Parents

Step Three – Student will be issued a laptop device during their last block of the school day.

Parents and students please allow at least two days for the laptop delivery.