National Honor Society

Sponsor: Ms. Medina


Rhianna Smith
Laura DeOliveia
Carolina Unzueta
Sarah Reyes
Camila Clavelo
Krystal Li
Leandra Villadiego
Ruby Montesiro

Mission Statement: The National Society is one of the nation’s leading organizations established to identify outstanding high school students. More than just an animal, age serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence and the 4NHS pillars of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. With a history of many outstanding and successful members, a Coral Reef High School national honor Society is dedicated to containing this long-standing NHS tradition. Its purpose is to provide services to the school community as well as the local community, whether it’s through volunteering at local organizations, tutoring students, mentoring, assistant school faculty were helping during major school events. If help is needed with inquiries, we have always been there and will always be there to help with some of the best students the school has to offer.

Social Media Handle: Instagram @reefnhs

student on bleachers
student on bleachers