Muslim Student Union

Sponsor: Ms. Munoz


Alyaa Mossa
Alisha Jafry
Sneah Islam
Rabia Zaveri
Nabiha Khan
Fatma Mossa

Mission Statement: The Muslim Student Union aims to cultivate an accepting, welcoming environment for not only students of the Islamic faith of Coral Reef Senior High School, but also students of any and all faiths. Through monthly meetings and club activities, we hope to bring a more well-rounded understanding and awareness about the Islamic faith and provide students with an outlet wherein to ask questions, foster conversation, and simply learn more. Our biggest focus is on the Muslim community in America, as we have monthly PowerPoint presentations learning about different groups within this community, such as Muslim athletes or the Latin American Muslim community. MSU is a club or Muslims, and non-Muslims interact with each other to gain knowledge about the religion of Islam and vice versa. We stand true to our mission statement to help establish peace and unity within our communities

Social Media Handle: Instagram – @crhshosaexec

student on bleachers