Elections Information

Every student at Coral Reef Senior High School is represented by the Student Government/Class Officers.  Officers are all elected into office by their peers (except Treasurers whom are appointed by a faculty sponsor). The student body is represented by Student Government Officers at the Educational Excellence School Advisory Council (EESAC).  Any student wishing to present before EESAC or SGA should consult the Student Government President.  Students wishing to become members/officers of the Student Government/Class should consult the faculty sponsors.

Criteria for candidacy include:

  • A minimum 2.8 weighted GPA
  • No excessive unexcused absences/tardies during the election year*
  • Accumulated no more than three (3) days of indoor suspension in the election year*
  • Receive no outdoor suspensions during the election year*
  • Acquired a minimum of 3 recommendation letters from faculty members 
    (candidates are responsible for ensuring that all 3 recommendations are submitted)
  • Mandatory attendance at the General Information meeting (Dates- TBA)

*An election year encompasses the entire academic year in which the elections are held.

All Student Government/Class Officers must adhere to the following policies:

  • Maintain a minimum 2.8 weighted GPA
  • No excessive unexcused absences/tardies while holding office
  • Accumulate no more than three (3) days of indoor suspension while holding office
  • Receive no probation notices or outdoor suspensions

If an officer violates the Code of Student Conduct (Level II through Level V), fails to adhere to the aforementioned policies, or fails to fulfill his/her duties as determined by the faculty sponsor, the student will be subject to immediate removal from office, and the faculty sponsor will appoint a replacement of his/her choice.

Once the applications have been evaluated and the 3 teacher recommendations are confirmed, students will be called down to sign off their commitment to run for office and receive their campaign materials. Those individuals that are not called down prior to the start of the campaign window are considered ineligible to run for office for the upcoming academic year.