Curriculum & Electives

Why Cambridge?

The Cambridge Magnet Program provides students with the following: 

  • A curriculum framework for English, mathematics and science
  • A stimulating environment for learning
  • A flexible format that complements the existing M-DCPS curriculum
  • External, international benchmarks that allow teachers to measure student progress
  • Content that is sensitive to cultural diversity

The Cambridge framework includes: 

  • English curriculum includes phonics, spelling and vocabulary, grammar and punctuation, reading, writing, and speaking and listening
  • Math curriculum includes number, geometry, measure, handling data and problem solving
  • Science curriculum includes scientific inquiry, biology, chemistry and physics
  • High school math and science courses are available for acceleration in 7th and 8th grades

Cambridge AICE Diploma (grades 9 – 12)

  • An advanced academic program with a broad range of course choices
  • Curriculum groups include Mathematics and Science, Languages, and Arts and Humanities
  • Exams taken at the AS level (single credit) and A level (double credit)
  • Students earn double bonus points as with AP or IB
  • Recipients get Florida Academic Scholars Award and qualify for the Bright Futures Scholarship

Electives: Video Introductions – 2020 – 2021

Click on the links below to view a brief video introduction to Paul Bell’s popular course electives.  For information regarding prerequisites, high school credit, or course curriculum, email the corresponding teacher. 

Cambridge Subject Selection