Business and Finance

Freshman Year

Finance & Business Technology

Provides basic knowledge of data input. Microcomputer applications with commercially prepared software in the areas of text editing, database management, business records, electronic spreadsheets, and multimedia presentations are covered.

NAF: Introduction to Financial Services

A one semester course introducing the various sectors of the financial services industry. The objective is to help students learn about both, nature of careers found in a particular sector and the scope of the work the comprises business such as real estate, public finance, accounting, securities industry, and marketing.

Sophomore Year

Financial Accounting

An extensive course covering two years of accounting in one. There is a focus on the counting cycle for both business and manufacturing industries through the trail balance and adjusting entries. Students learn how to use special journals, ledgers, and controlling accounts. Students also use automated accounting software that is used in the business industry.

NAF: Strategies for Success

A one semester course of study which helps to orient students to the world of work and school.

Junior Year

Financial Operations

Presents basic topes of the principles and practices of banking, credit, and consumer lending in the United States. Students become familiar with the major functions of banks and other finance intermediaries, such as the federal reserve system, federal credit unions, and modern trend in the finance industry.

NAF: Banking and Credit

 A one semester course presenting a survey of the principles and practices of banking and credit in the United States. Students learn about major functions of banks and other depository institutions as well as their in-house operations and procedures.

Senior Year

Financial Planning

Develops an awareness of the need to care and organization in planning the wise use of economic resources and financial products available through a study of saving, credit, insurance, banking and financial goals. The students are provided with the concepts needed to understand international trade.

NAF: Economics & the World of Finance

Provides an understanding of how our market economy functions in a global setting. It provides students with the economic concepts including all of the basic principles recommended by the National Council of Economic Education.